I’ve run the gamut with jobs - from working in a corporate setting, to being a successful real estate broker to what I do now - which has truly been the next level of entrepreneurship. 

When you pair a highly leveraged business model with helping people with their physical and financial health, it’s the best ever!

For me the most beautiful and gratifying thing about this is being able to mentor and develop leaders - translation: the ability to profoundly change lives!

Turn your passion for wellness into a profitable business. 


Oprah said it best, “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”

Be Your Own Boss

Location Independence

Get Paid To Make A Positive Impact In People’s Lives

Build Residual Income Instead Of Trading Hours For Dollars

Set Your Own Hours

No Franchise Fees Or Inventory Tracking

Join me in helping others get healthier while designing the life of your dreams!

There is no better way to earn an income than by doing something you love. Here are a few of my favorite things about running my health and wellness business that I want you to experience for yourself too:

Receive All The Tools And Training You Need To Ensure Your Success

Work With An Incredible Like-Minded Community 

Help Others Live Healthier And Wealthier Lives

Claim this career & lifestyle

For Yourself

Our community is as diverse and vibrant as our products. Valuing freedom & mission-driven impact, the founders and our corporate team work closely with Brand Partners to create a comprehensive program that benefits customers & affiliates.

If you're a savvy business person who understands leverage and wants to join forces to generate residual income, we can soar together!

Frequently Asked Questions

 Do I have to work on this full time to be successful?

No! On average, just 10-15 hours a week of targeted activities can lead to a robust residual income.


Do I need to be a health coach like you to be successful at this business?

Not at all. I have mentored people to success who come from all walks of life! No degree or certification of any kind is required. Just be coachable, consistent and implement my simple system!


Am I limited geographically as to where I can promote this? 

You can promote in North America and all US territories, the EU countries and the UK


Is there training to teach me how to build a business like this?

If you qualify, there will be 1:1 mentorship with me, in addition to weekly team and corporate trainings. There’s no shortage of support for you to plug into!



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What People Are Saying

Award Winning Author, Speaker and Film Producer

Dr. Greg Reid

Speaker & Bestselling Author, The Go-Giver Series

Bob Burg

"Working with Sonia has been incredible. I've never met anyone so dedicated to helping others achieve their
wellness and financial goals! 

Her passion for this is evident in the many thousands of lives she touches. I feel so blessed to be on Sonia's team and to be mentored by her! It has taken my coaching practice from around 15 clients a year to around 100!
Sonia has such high integrity and is the kindest person too!

- Janet Verney, author of Roots to Wellness and Health'd Up; Integrative Nutrition Health coach

"With her support, I do not feel like there is a goal I can not reach! I am beyond blessed to have such an astounding support system and am proud to be on her team!"

"It was from the moment I met Sonia, I knew I had met my match. I spend so much time helping others bring out the best in themselves! It was my turn to have someone help to bring out the best in me! Sonia has taken that challenge. She has mentored me from the first day, encouraging me and guiding me to help me share my passion with others. She has believed in me and pushed me to places where I wanted to be, just needed the guidance and her knowledge to help get there. This is only the beginning of my relationship with my mentor, Sonia. She has given me the confidence I need to flourish in the business, the passion is already there. With her support, I do not feel like there is a goal I can not reach! I am beyond blessed to have such an astounding support system and am proud to be on her team!"

- Erica H., Certified Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur

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